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A Great Resolution: Give Your Time, Talent, Treasure

Posted January 2020

We all tend to make fun of New Year’s resolutions, which often don’t last to the end of the month. But the truth is that many of us make resolutions that do have a lasting impact—on us individually and on the causes we care about most.

Maybe you are considering a resolution that is an extension of the holiday giving season: To give more of your time, talent, and treasure. We (and other charities) are always looking for talented volunteers. Please make contact if you would like to give of your time and talent.

When it comes to treasure, there are many ways to plan your gift so that it best matches your circumstances. Consider these four ways:

  • Bequest: If you want to retain control of all of your assets and first provide for family, consider a bequest of some percentage of your remaining estate.
  • Retirement funds: If you do not expect to consume all of your retirement accounts, consider making us the beneficiary of a portion of what is left.
  • Charitable trust: If you are disappointed with the interest and dividends you are earning on investments, consider establishing a charitable remainder trust that can increase cash flow and save taxes. Appreciated securities are an ideal asset to fund such a trust, which generates a deduction and avoids immediate taxation of the gain.
  • Outright gift: If you have surplus wealth, consider making a current outright gift to us and see your wealth at work now.

We invite you to align yourself with our mission by volunteering your time to the extent you are inclined and by contributing your resources to the extent you are able. Contact us today to extend the giving season into the new year.

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