Dear UJA Friend,

Photo of Judy EisnerOne of the most important aspects of Judaism is the ways in which our traditions are passed from generation to generation—L’dor V’dor.

As someone who has been a strong supporter of UJA for many years, I wanted to share a way you can reach forward, connect to future generations, and help continue our critical mission in the years ahead—by making a commitment to join the UJA Heritage Society by including UJA in your will.

Making a gift in my will to UJA was an easy decision. Having worked in the Jewish nonprofit world for 14 years, I’ve seen the Federation’s meaningful work firsthand. This was the first job that made me feel like I was doing something very important. I knew that it was the place for me and a place I would continue to support. I’ve never regretted a second of it.

The experience so changed me that when I retired 13 years ago, I immediately threw myself into volunteer work at agencies including the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, a UJA partner. Soon after, I decided to join UJA’s Heritage Society and became a member of its leadership committee.

My legacy gift is just as important as my volunteer work. I want to make sure that there are programs to sustain the aging Jewish popu¬lation and engage young Jews. And I know that you share with me the thought that UJA’s domestic and international operations are imperative in today’s world—exemplified by the role the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and other UJA partners play during times of crisis. I would not like to look down from my cloud up in heaven and have to say, “What happened to the Jews?”

I’m writing to ask you to join me in becoming a member of the UJA Heritage Society. The process is easy to start. Just contact our office and someone from UJA will be able to walk you through this simple process. Every Heritage Society gift goes a long way towards using an act of tzedakah to connect you and your legacy of giving to the next generation.

Acting now helps both you and UJA plan for the future and enshrines your commitment to our vital work.

You will have an impact from New York to Israel to more than 70 countries around the world as you help:

  • A Holocaust survivor in New York receive a warm bowl of soup at a local community center.
  • An Ethiopian Jew who has recently immigrated to Israel learn new job skills to better support his family.
  • A teen embark on his first trip to Israel and connect with other Jews.
  • A child with autism feel welcome and included in his or her synagogue community.

Making a legacy gift to UJA in your will is the easiest way to have a lasting impact on the New York Jewish community and the world. One option is to structure your gift in your will to provide your Jewish community with a contribution that can ensure that the community receives a gift on your behalf every year, through your lifetime and beyond.

I hope you will consider making a legacy gift to UJA and joining the Heritage Society.


Judy Eisner
UJA Heritage Society Member



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