Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Charitable Remainder Unitrust Diagram

How It Works

  1. Donor creates trust agreement stating terms of the trust; to fund the trust established by the trust agreement, donor transfers cash or other property to trustee institution (either UJA-Federation or an outside financial institution)
  2. Trust assets are invested and managed by UJA-Federation's independent fiduciary or outside financial institution and income payments which will vary depending on the value of the trust are made to the beneficiaries the donor designates periodically
  3. Remainder to UJA-Federation upon death of the beneficiary


  • Payments to one or more beneficiaries, varying annually with the value of the trust
  • Potential federal income-tax deduction for the charitable remainder value when the trust is established
  • No capital-gain tax when trust is established (trust earnings may result in future capital-gain tax); property is sold by the trust
  • Trust remainder will benefit UJA-Federation

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